Ere’s to Christmas by Troubshort and Turnipseed

Released December 2023

It can be downloaded or streamed using any of the online music streaming services, such as Spotify

Drinking Beer and Robbing Banks by Troubshort and Turnipseed

Released May 2018 (or did it escape?)

It can be bought here for £13.50 (price includes postage to anywhere in the UK)

Samples of 4 tracks from the CD

by Troubshort and Turnipseed | Drinking Beer and Robbing Banks

The 4 excerpts are from the following tracks…

  1. Rob That Train
  2. Indian Summer
  3. Buy Me A Beer
  4. Cousin Jethro

Let Me Through by Pete Orton

The new CD from Pete Orton is now out on the Mighty Fine Music label which features a couple of tracks from Troubshort and Turnipseed, and contributions from Saul Beery, Wayne Precinct, Fretless Phil Fentimen, The Reverend Lee Gable, Seth Grizzley, Joe Longhorn, Doris Blenkinsop and Ada Figgins.

It is available to download or stream from the usual web music services like spotify, iTunes etc, and can be bought here for £10 and posted free to anywhere in the UK.

Banquet in a Can by Troubshort and Turnipseed

We have been recording our new EP “Banquet in A Can” featuring and The Reverend Lee Gable and Fretless Phil Fentimen.

Now available to download from all usual music web services like Google, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc. CDs will be available at gigs, but not for on-line purchase.

Dark Clouds Over Didcot by Troubshort and Turnipseed

CDs are now available, and can be bought for £10.00 each (includes postage to anywhere in the UK). They are now on iTunes and other music sites like the one from Google for download. You can also come to one of our gigs and buy them in person.

Style is Everything by Pete Orton

We are associated with a fella by the name of Pete Orton. His CD entitled Style is Everything now on the Mighty Fine Music label and tracks can be downloaded from all the usual web music sites.

The Sheep Are Nervous

A rogue Irish folk punk band of the 1980’s have re-released their Album Nervous Breakdown – The Lancaster Years (recorded in 1988) on our Mighty Fine Music label as it has some connections with Reg, but only available for download from ITunes, Google etc.